Binge on This Bob’s Burgers Tina Belcher Mix from Eclectic Method

I’ve been a fan of Eclectic Method ever since I started working at Dailymotion. Every time this dude puts out a new mix, it’s lava hot. I would blog about every single one, but then he’d need to fortify his underpants from all the nut-swinging I’d be doing. If you’re not completely fiending for more EM, I previously blogged about his Wolf of Wall Street and Wolverine mixes. That should help seal the deal.


EM writes:

“With Season 5 of Bob’s Burgers looming on the televisual horizon (October 5th) Eclectic Method brings you the Tina Belcher Moombahton Remix.

She is the perfect representation of the awkward hormonal teenager most of us were, and she turns down for nothing. So cue the get jiggy latin beats and funky Tina breakdowns.”

I’ll be honest. I never got into Bob’s Burgers. I’m not saying I don’t like it, but it was never must tune-in programming for me. Now, it seems it’s taken on “Adventure Time” status, a pop culture phenomenon that I also didn’t get on board with. I just turned 34 and I fear I’m now entering the very uncool part of my life. Not to say I was cool at any point in time but I could at least identify and acknowledge what’s cool and maybe even influence others on what’s cool. Good thing they added Bob’s Burgers to Netflix. I’ll be sure to run through during the next blizzard / sick day / hibernation.


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