Gorge On My Latest Set About Fat Kids, RumChata, and Birth Control

The above video was my stand-up comedy set from Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 at Gotham Comedy Club. I told jokes about fat babies, being husky, sexy sounding food, RumChata, Lil Jon yoga, massage drug deals, and birth control aka “No Preggo”.

Thanks to Andy Engel, Michael Codispoti, Ryan Reiss, and everyone who came out to support me.

I came off the stage and thought, wow, that was brutal. But upon further review, not so bad. I rushed through a couple jokes (most notably the rumchata punchline – “It looks like Santa’s Helpers jerked off Jack Frost’s candy cane” – probably should’ve stuck to “with a candy cane”), but that’s what I get for trying to jam in too much material. Lesson here is to if the dry runs are 6 minutes without pauses for laughter, cut stuff until we hit 5 minutes w/o chuckles.


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There were 5 or 6 professionals mixed into this lineup of about 10-12 comics. I went 7th and I’d like to think I woke the crowd up a little even though the ‘Ho!’ slut shaming opener didn’t hit like I would’ve hoped. Then the ‘pass the salt’ follow-up missed somewhat. One of my biggest struggles is making sure I enunciate without talking like someone talking to an immigrant who can’t speak English. I’ve felt that many of my performances, I talk too slowly, take too long to get to the punchline, so I try to speed it up and cut corners and I’m left with a punch of puzzled grill pieces.


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I marveled at Jessica Kirson‘s ability to talk non-stop without fumbling, stumbling, and stuttering. Her performance was manic but not overwhelming; like riding shotgun in a stunt car that went off-script. To quote Chazz Michael Michaels, a “freight train from hell”.

Here’s her performance from AXS.TV’s “Gotham Comedy Live” back in July:

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