See Me at WOW Comedy Night at The Shannon on January 17th!

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Hey, so… uh, awkward, but I had to cancel my last set at Gotham on December 3rd because I herniated my disc trying to save a litter of puppies from a burning orphanage lift my 20 month old niece before flying back home from Myrtle Beach, SC. I apologize for not advertising my injury or the cancellation, but I do not apologize for my Irish pride. Erin Go Bragh, brah.

archer irish potato cry


Anyway, I could barely make it through security and into my gf’s car when she picked me up at the airport. I was couch/bed-ridden for the next 4-5 days, Pac-Man’ing painkillers and muscle relaxers. Sucks because I had some quality new ‘ish to dish on the mic.

pacman eating

Then, I was invited to do Comedy Fight Club by Matt Azark and accepted. Promoted that, invited peeps, then it was moved a day later when I would be on a plane to Myrtle Beach visiting Das Fam once again. Had to cancel.

But, I 100% assure you that I will not be missing this event – WOW Comedy Night at The Shannon in Hoboken on January 17th (flyer below) – if my life depends on it. I’m talkin’ dressing in bubble wrap, stuffing my orifices with packing peanuts, avoiding cracks in the sidewalk, kicking over ladders, and fondling rabbit’s feets like I’m Quentin Tarantino at a Rex Ryan party.

wow comedy night january 2015 lineup

WOW Comedy at The Shannon Bar is every third Saturday of the month. It features some of the best up-and-coming comics in the tri-state area. The headliner, Rich Carucci, has been on MLB,com, featured in NY Post, and performed all over the nation.

DATE & TIME: Saturday, January 17, 2015at 4:00pm – 7:00pm
VENUE: The Shannon Hoboken
ADDRESS: 106 First St, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

Parking in Hoboken is limited, so I suggest everyone use mass transit.

Seating starts at 4PM. Show runs from 5-7PM. $10 per person. Door prizes, and drink specials!

Here’s the lineup:

Alex Csedrik (host)
Jake Vevera
Sadina Battinos
Francesca Day
Jim Dodge
Greg Radin
Brett Osinoff
AJ Dunk
Neal Lynch
and headliner Rich Carucci

You can RSVP and invite friends on the Facebook event page.



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