See Me Joke with Headliners March 28th at Stand Up NY!

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Sorta kinda HUMONGOID announcement: I’ll be performing at the “Character Flawed” Comedy Show, which is part of the All-Pro Happy Hour Series at Stand Up NY on the Upper West Side on Saturday, March 28th at 5pm.

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Why is this GIGANTOUS? Because the lineup will include at least SIX (6) headliners – that’s SEIS (6) professional comedians who have credits on Comedy Central, Letterman, The Tonight Show, Conan, MTV, VH1, and HBO to name a few.

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You need to arrive by 4:00 PM as the seats are first-come first-serve and they go fast. If anyone is coming late – let the club know so they can hold seats.

You can buy tickets the day of the show (cash or credit) or online at the week of the event (so, starting March 22nd?).

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How NOT to order online

The club does not accept discount tickets or tickets bought off the street. That means no tickets from a street team, J-deal (Jewish discount site? Aren’t all discount sites Jewish? SNAP), Living Social, Groupon or any other discount deals. Don’t be a cheater…

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Tickets are $15.

For reservations call 212-595-0850 by THURSDAY, MARCH 26th BY 5PM

The club has a very strict cancellation policy for this top level show. So, don’t RSVP then flake at the last minute. DO RSVP and actually show up! If you don’t make a reservation by Thursday March 26th by 5pm, you’re not guaranteed a ticket / seat. If you RSVP and don’t show up, you’re dead. I swear. I know people who know people who know Mel Gibson.

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