Sriracha Beer? Sure, Why Not

Tasted, a popular food and beverage news & reviews video channel, decided to taste test the new Sriracha-flavored beer by Rogue Ales & Spirits, the manufacturer behind:

  • Beard Beer – contains hair of the dog
  • Brutal IPA – comes with a free mase (weapon, not the rapper)
  • Dead Guy Ale – show a toe tag and get it half price
  • Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale – Homer Simpson just came
  • Voodoo Doughnut Pretzel – mmmm contradicting textures & flavors
  • Peanut Butter & Banana Ale – might induce Elvis impersonation
  • Lemon Chiffon Cruller Ale – great for baby showers and bottomless brunch at your parents place
  • Old Crustacean Barleywine – for the grungy shrouder in you
  • Yellow Snow IPA – guaranteed to generate more yellow snow

I’ve only had Dead Guy – it was a little too maggoty – but I’ve resigned myself to have any of the above whenever I see it and can actually obtain it. And if I can actually brew beer made from my beard, I’ll be sure to make it rain in drought areas. You’re welcome, ‘Fornia.

Most everyone loves both beer and Sriracha. I do as well. In fact, I’ve probably poured Sriracha in a beer or two. I dig stouts. I AM stout. I’m in a Guinness phase right now. Well, THIS dark stout, flavored with Huy Fong Sriracha (a.k.a. Rooster Sauce – haha), is “ready to drink with soups, sauces, pasta, pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, chow mein, or anything you’d like to wash down with a spicy kick.”

It won Gold at the 2015 World Beer Championships, but yet the Tasted testers found it mild. Not bad, but not good. My response is, what were you hoping for? Firewater? Fireball + Flakka Flames? I suggest drinking this with Niacin to get that “Look at me, I’m the Human Torch” experience. Niacin flush ain’t no joke. Why would you use the word “flush” to describe something that the opposite of water?

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