Watch My Set About Beards, Balding, Free-Range Fat, and Steamy Farts

Here’s a video of my full-length set from Stand Up NY on the Upper West Side of New York City on March 28th, 2015. I told jokes about my likeness to Will Ferrell, my beard, my balding, my bad knees, steamy farts, and my girlfriend’s cat.

I was scheduled to do 8 minutes and went over by 2. Caught some heat for that, but I don’t think the crowd minded. The amount of material I’ve churned out from this beard is ridiculous. I almost can’t shave it now because then my act will be, “You had to see it to believe it” and that always kills. *fart*

Many thanks to Bob Dibuono, Ben Rosenfeld, and everyone who came out to support me.

The next show was at The Shannon bar in Hoboken this past Saturday, April 18th. No video, but I might upload the audio. I opened with some MORE beard jokes before moving into sexy time then weather then body image then pride. You know you did okay when you can chant “White Power!” on a parade float and get a laugh.

I’ve got 2 upcoming shows. One is back at Bob Dibuono’s Character Flawed Show on Saturday, May 16th at 5pm.

The other one is the big one. It’ll be the first time I’m producing a stand-up comedy show. Wednesday, May 20th at Eastville Comedy Club on East 4th street at 9pm. I’ve got 8 comics booked and I’m looking for 2-4 more. If you know of anyone who’d like to be a perform, have them send a link to a video of their set and I’ll get all judgy on ’em. My email neal(dot)lynch(at)gmail(dot)com.

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