What a Dick Move: “Wanksy” Spray Paints Penises Around Potholes, Potholes Get Filled

This video from Now This News reports on a graffiti artist known as “Wanksy” (a take on the popular British tagger Banksy) who spray paints penises around potholes and might just cause a road repair revolution. Every pothole this artist has placed a peen around has been filled, proving once again that shock and awe will always win over aw, come on!

That seems to be the stance taken by most governments: Let sh*t slide until it reaches a boiling point and you’re forced to address them. The riots in Baltimore were a result of no one responding or reacting to the peaceful protests. It often takes an extreme, violent gesture for anything to change. I don’t condone it or support it, but that’s the reality. I saw comedian Luis J Gomez post a question on Facebook: World Peace or $100M? It’s a silly question because we will never have world peace. Not in my lifetime. So, yeah, I’ll take a check and ball out in a beach house.

leonardo dicaprio making it rain money wolf of wall street

Though I don’t advocate violence, I do advocate drawing monster dongs around potholes to get them fixed. The irony of this activism and artwork is that the penises (penii?) go around the holes instead of in ’em. When I’m driving my girlfriend’s car (yes, I’m not the bread-winner and I could give 0 f*cks, bread has carbs), I now have to scour and monitor the highway for potholes to avoid instead of keeping my eyes / head up for rioters throwing rocks and garbage cans.

The one entry to Hoboken on the south side (Observer Highway or Newark Ave?) looks like Seal’s face. No disrespect to Seal, he pulls off that look, but I wouldn’t want to drive on it.

jim carrey tape face

NOT Seal. Gif via Lost Angeles Blog

That’s why when people are like MORE TAXES on the RICH! I’m like, why? The government doesn’t know how to spend our money as it its, you’re gonna give them more money to blow on bullsh*t bills chock full of earmarks and kickbacks that NO ONE EVER READS?!?!

Wank on, Wanksy. I can only hope there’s a V for Vendetta uprising that shuts down Google Maps because of the planet littered with peen paint.

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