See Me & Headliners at Stand Up NY on Saturday, May 16th

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I’ll be performing a set with professional headliners aka pros not hoes nor Joes at Stand Up NY on Saturday, May 16th at 5pm. I apologize for misspelling Drew Fraser’s last name on the half-assed invite I made. I’m too tired from allergies to fix it. Everyone laughed when they found out what The Happening was about, but that shit’s real as hell. The plants are fighting back, folks. Break out the SARS masks.

falling bodies the happening movie

Last time I was at Stand Up NY in late March, it was a good time and I think this one might top it. I started taking hair loss prevention pills and I kept the beard. It got a little out of control and I started to look like the homeless caddy from Happy Gilmore, but I got it trimmed up.


Here’s the scheduled lineup:

JOE MACHI (Last Comic Standing, The Jimmy Fallon Show)

DREW FRASER (Comedy Central Presents 1/2 Hour Special)

SAM MORRIL (Conan O’Brien, Comedy Central)


VERONICA MOSEY (Comedy Central, MTV)

RICK CROM (FX’S “Louie”, Comedy Central)

ADMISSION is $15 per person with a ($15 minimum inside the showroom.)

Reservations need to be called in by tomorrow THURSDAY, MAY 14th at 212-595-0850. ASK FOR LUCY.

SEATING IS AT 4:00 PM SHARP – first come first serve.

Tickets can be purchased online at or at at the door. Cash or credit accepted.

When you check in the night of the show – please let the host know you’re coming to see me.

Check out all my sets below…


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