What’s Inside Sriracha? Besides Heavenly Balls of Fiery Hell

This video from Wired shows us exactly what’s inside sriracha. I love sriracha. I own a sriracha t-shirt that I got in South Carolina and I’m damn proud of it. I wear it almost every day. Luckily, it doesn’t do to my body what sriracha does to my mouth. I’m talking Montgomery Burns. I’ve listed out some of the video’s keywords below. Looking at them, why would anyone put this in their body? Because we like pleasure spiked with pain. It’s our aeroplane. 50 shades of grey for the tastebuds.

jim carrey the mask fire burp

Sting of wasabi
Sweet salty sour bitter savory (aka the “Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique“)
xanthum gum clings
rooster sauce

nicki minaj rooster costume

Xanthum gum is like something you’d hear in a sci-fi film or superhero movie. Rooster sauce is a whole ‘nother kinda flick.

Check out the “What’s Inside” series from Wired here.

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