Cute Little Kid Parodies Shia Labeouf’s Motivational Speech

Just when you thought you’ve hit your lifetime quota for parodies of Shia LaBeouf’s intense motivational speech, this cute lil spoof from Ming Dao Ting had his daughter, Olor, arrives on the green screen scene via Storyful. The last 24 hours have been supbar at best and this video came *this* close to me not even needing my morning coffee. Prime pick-me-up stuff.

Olor has her own YouTube channel, Questions for Olor. I have a question: Are you ready for the glitz AND the glam? Because they’re pouring the cement outside the TCL Chinese Theatre along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Why isn’t there an Internet Walk of Fame? Or should it be the Internet Scroll of Fame?

shia labeouf motivational speech rant


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