Come See Me at Comedy Fight Club on August 20th!

comedy fight club august 20th

Howdy ho, neighbor. I’ll be performing a set in the “Comedy Fight Club” show at The Gaf West in Hell’s Kitchen on West 48th Street on Thursday, August 20th at 7:30pm. $5 Cover + Free Pizza + $3 Bud Lights + Free T-Shirt Raffle + Unlimited Laughs. The Gaf is described as “an easygoing Irish pub that has darts” that also hosts comedy fight clubs, which might explain their surplus of eye patches and band-aids and broken funny bones.

Lineup includes…

Host: SPECIAL GUEST (from parts unknown! ooooooooo!)

Erik Bransteen

Alyssa Wolff


Belinda Boxer

Matthew Azark

Dwight Simmons

Patrick Mckechney

Neil Constantine

If you’ve read this far, then I’ll ‘reward’ you with updates. The August 15th show at the Shannon Bar in Hoboken has been straight up canceled. I’ll be slingin’ jokes at the Klimat Lounge this Thursday, August 13th at 8ish pm and attending the Derby City Comedy Festival in Louisville, KY as “industry” September 16th – 20th. I’ll be sure to wear my suit and tie (JT), cross my arms, and shake my head disapprovingly while somehow also taking notes.

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