ICYMI: Baseball Card Vandals Demand Your Attention

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Via Instagram

I was home sick watching the Mets pre-game show on SNY when the studio went on-location to answer fan questions. One of fans was “Jan from Hoboken“, a friend of a friend. I immediately spat out my Pedialyte / TheraFlu cocktail and instagrammed it with the hashtags #mets #lgm. I decided to click on #mets to see what other Instagrammers are grammin’ ’bout Los Metros. I saw a Daryl Strawberry baseball card that had been altered to say “Strawberry Fields Forever” with Daryl in Beatles get-up. Amazin’. That’s how I discovered Baseball Card Vandals. I know that I’m about 3-4 years too late on this, as it’s been covered ad nauseam by Mashable, Buzzfeed, Complex, Laughing Squid, Funny or Die, and the MLB Network just to name a few of the thousand mentions. I follow all those outlets and the story still somehow slipped past my five hole. Straight up embarrassing.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites that don’t have male members on ’em. Be sure to follow BCV on their Tumblr | Facebook | Twitterย | Instagram. Hope you like cartoon genitalia as much as I do!

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