Giants Should Listen To Mortal Kombat Narrator, FINISH ‘EM!

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Odell Beckham, Jr’s new touchdown dance. Image via

It’s hard to get excited about the 2015 New York Giants after last night’s uneasy win against the Washington Redskins on Thursday Night Football. For one, Washington is a mess. They have a perfectly healthy 2012 Offensive Rookie of The Year and Heisman Trophy winner as a healthy scratch because the brass want to see how he handles it (?!?). DeSean Jackson didn’t play because of a hamstring strain. Deangelo Hall left the game with a foot injury and a couple offensive linemen left the game with injuries. The Giants didn’t exactly get the ‘Skins at their best. It certainly wasn’t the same team that beat the Rams last week.

Heading into the game, many thought Washington would run wild on the Giants, who had one of the worst units against the run last season. But, this year’s Giants D is actually top 5 versus the ground game. I was concerned big bad Matt Jones would wear the Giants down, but he was kept in check. The Giants D didn’t allow a first down until a few series into the game. But, as we’ve learned all too well, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. And the defense has looked downright horrible coming down the home stretch.

You can’t pin the kickoff return on the defense. That’s inexcusable. Before that play, I was just thinking, “Wow, the special teams might be the most valuable unit tonight, despite Dwayne Harris’ fumble”. They got a blocked punt for a safety and Josh Brown was perfect. Brad Wing got some nice hang time and a punt inside the 1 thanks to long-snapping Captain Zak DeOssie. Then, they ran a dress rehearsal on that kickoff return TD. All training went out the window. When the media and the fanbase and the coaches talk about finishing a game, this is what they’re referring to. You can’t let your foot off the pedal until the clock hits all goose eggs.

Meanwhile, Spags dials up an all-out blitz with bump-man coverage on 4th and 14. The very definition of overcompensation.

Casillas lead the team in tackles with 7 solos and also notched a sack (the team’s first of the season according to Simms, it was actually their 3rd). Simms’ commentary has been heavily scrutinized, but his reaction is reasonable. The Giants don’t get consistent pressure on the quarterback and sacks are bloody rare.

Amukamara makes a great play on the pick, jumping Pierre Garcon’s route and placing the offense in prime position for points. Then, he goes down with an injury, but is able to make it back onto the field only to commit a pass interference penalty on a 4th and 14. Both Nantz and Simms ridiculed Prince for trying to make his case, but I’m not sure he wasn’t lying. You could kind of see how the receiver thought there wasn’t a chance to catch the ball and grabbed Prince’s arm to make it look like interference. Still, that should never happen on 4th and long.

Unga got his 2nd interception in 3 games. I also learned that he’s 27. I’m still not completely sold on Unga. I think he’s not great in coverage, but he plays hard.

McBride continues to be a dependable 3rd DB with a nose for the ball. A caller on the Mike Francesa Show said McBride’s a lockdown corner. Not sure about that, but he’s not a liability out there. He was able to step up for Prince when he was sidelined and the team didn’t miss a beat. Would be nice if Hosley could take a page from McBride’s book.

Landon Collins got burnt by Jordan Reed but luckily Cousins underthrew the ball. I want to believe he’s a perennial Pro Bowler, but his mistakes are a little too gross for comfort.

Devon Kennard had the big deflection on Unga’s interception. #59’s starting to become a big-time playmaker. Would still like to see a little more out of him.

Kerry Wynn made his presence known. Not a dominating game by any means, but he did play well against the run and disrupted a few pass plays.

Welcome to my good side, Trevin Wade! What a way to familiarize yourself with the fanbase #31. Jason Sehorn, eat your heart out. Wade’s lil’ Facebook poke knocked the ball loose from Matt Jones as he was going in for six. At the time, no one knew how critical that play would become as the game got silly towards the end.

Welcome back, Jon Beason. Even though you didn’t notch a tackle.

Paging Damontre Moore, you’re wanted on the pass rush. Moore was once considered the heir apparent to JPP and he’s done little to propagate that belief. I’m an offense guy, so I have zero idea what to do with him, other than inject him with LT’s DNA.

Offensively, the Giants had another ‘meh’ game. On paper, Eli looks good. 23 of 32 for 279 and a couple touchdowns. The one touchdown to Beckham was against a back-up corner (thanks to Deangelo Hall’s injury) without any help from the safety. No clue what Washington was thinking, but that was an easy six.

Odell continues to impress. It wasn’t a crazy good game for Beckham, but I don’t know many player who can make that 3rd and short catch for the first down when Eli did a quick roll-out. Odell’s dance was … interpretative. I’m sure it’s the next ‘whip / nae nae’, but I’m not feeling it just yet. Maybe after he breaks the records for TD receptions in a season.

The other touchdown to Randle was a fluke. That ball could’ve easily been picked off. It’s plays like this that make us continue to wonder what the hell has gotten into Eli, Coughlin, and McAdoo. Didn’t we JUST go through this the past 2 weeks where we’re trying to run out the clock and you’re jeopardizing that with a low percentage pass?

Rueben had a breakout game with 7 grabs for 116 yards and the aforementioned score, but I’m still shorting his season. He just doesn’t look healthy. You can tell he’s in considerable pain that doesn’t allow him to play at max capacity. Luckily, Cruz comes back next week, so Rueben can collect a handful of nice 5-7 yard receptions.

As always, I have issues with the play-calling. Twice on manageable third downs, Eli throws to a 0 yard pattern, well short of the first down. I can understand throwing something like that when your target is in WIDE open space with room to run, NOT when it’s towards the sideline with a TE who doesn’t move that well. My theory is that Eli doesn’t want to take his time, possibly take a sack and fumble, so he pulls the trigger as quickly as possible.

Rashad Jennings had 57 total yards and the big blocked punt, but I’m not a fan of how he runs on third and short. There’s waiting for a play to develop and then there’s tip-toe-pitter-pattering. On the one 3rd and 1 or 2, he had a sure first down if he just runs diagonal to the sideline full force. Instead, he tries to cut upfield directly into a waiting tackler. I don’t remember him running that soft in the past. What happened to high knees and low pad level.

Andre Williams on the other hand knows how to get low get low. From the windows to the wall. Holy macaroni. That one truck stick was reminiscent of Brandon Jacobs circa 2008. On third-and-short, why not spread the offense with 4-wide and quickly hand off to DreWill? It’s not trigonometry.

Shane Vereen had 0 catches, but yet had 6 carries for 23 yards. Never thought I’d see a game where he goes donuts in the reception column.

And then there’s Larry Donnell. Hachi mama. Eli had to float the ball to him on the seam route to ensure he’d catch it then he pulls off an unnecessary flip. Donnell needs to go to a nice day spa, get a mud bath, colon cleanse, deep tissue Swedish massage. Relax. Please. It’s not like the Giants have the balls to trade for disgruntled Jimmy Graham. Right? … Right?

All things considered, the Giants were without Ereck Flowers, Cruz, and DRC. They can use the extra 3 days to get healthy and come out full force in Week 4. The $50M questions remains: Can the Giants quit pissing away games with brain farts?


What makes the NFL so entertaining is that so much changes from week to week. It’s probably the least predictable professional sports league on the planet. Buffalo is gangbusters against Indy then lets Brady go hog wild for 450+. I really prefer not to play the Bills in Buffalo, but I think I like this matchup. I’m not too scared of Buffalo’s offense, but maybe I should be. I have visions of Tyrod Taylor running wild for big chunks of field. The Giants haven’t faced a really mobile quarterback yet (Romo, Ryan, Cousins), so they could get gouged for heart-breaking scrambles. I don’t know what to expect from Buffalo’s D and that makes them dangerous. The combo of Cruz & Beckham might take a week or three to gel, or it could blow the O-zone off this blue marble.

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