Eli’s Touchdown Dance Should Be “The Dropped Sandwich” From SNL Motion Capture Sketch

Eli Manning SNL motion capture sketch touchdown dance

Sportress of Blogitude’s Jason Rowan passes along the story from ESPN Staff Writer Ohm Youngmisuk that Giants QB Eli Manning joked about working on his own touchdown dance to compete with Cam Newton’s extended celebrations.

While Eli’s teammates would love to see him to do “the dab”, most Giants fans who watch SNL would love to see him do the “Dropped Sandwich” from his “Motion Capture” sketch on Saturday Night Live, in which Eli – decked out in black tights and white balls (motion capture gear) – is told to do his TD celebration dance for the new Madden video game. After a couple attempts, he comes up with dropping a sandwich in the middle of making it, picking it up, looking around, and eating it. Simply scrumptious.

Thanks to Reddit user DefinitelyNotTedCruz, for pointing me to this video of Eli doing the TD dance in Madden ’16:

It’s almost a certainty that Eli is going to run for a touchdown in Sunday’s game against Carolina, and if he does the Dropped Sandwich, the internet will detonate. Forget passionate pre-game speeches, Eli. Put on your red shoes and dance.

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