VIDEO: Here’s Why Paul Rudd Is Everyone’s Best Bud

Paul Rudd’s birthday was April 6th, so I put together the script for this BroBible video explaining why Rudd has become everyone’s best bud. Not that anyone who knows Paul Rudd needs an explanation. Even ISIS is on board.

This was one of my favorite scripts to write. You could compile an epic Ken Burns-ian multi-volume set of Paul’s funniest and most memorable moments, so getting that down to 2 minutes was trickier than Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The New York Daily News decided to focus on his best talk show appearances, the very best of which has to be his two decade run on Conan O’Brien’s shows where he’s run the same clip from “Mac & Me” every single appearance.

I was first introduced to Rudd in 1995’s “Clueless”. I’d watch that on loop after school every damn day because I was obsessed with Alicia Silverstone, thanks to that music video for Aerosmith’s “Crazy” …

At the time, Rudd seemed so much older than Alicia Silverstone’s Cher. I mean, college? Whoa. Yet, since that movie, I think Rudd’s aged … a year… tops? He’s now 47 years old, but has and will continue to play roles a decade or more younger. Whatever voodoo he do, I want to do as well.

Rudd’s managed to master every stage of his career. Yet, I still can’t see him playing the lead in Titanic.

Though he was born in Passaic, New Jersey, he graduated from the University of Kansas and is a Royals and Chiefs fan, narrating the 2007 season of Hard Knocks when the Chiefs were the subject and also the Royals World Series championship video. As a Mets fan, I now loathe the Royals, but I’d sign up for Mets-Royals rematch with Rudd.

There were a few clips I couldn’t include in the script just because they didn’t fit into the premise of the video, but this needs to be an honorable mention:

Next up for Rudd is an animated feature co-starring Patton Oswalt in “Nerdland”, which, dare I say, doesn’t look good. Paul’s also got “The Funadmentals of Caring”, which will stars Selena Gomez and will debut on Netflix in June. He’ll also be providing a voice in “Sausage Party”, and is set to appear in “Captain America: Civil War” in addition to an Ant-Man sequeal, “Ant-Man and the Wasp“.

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