Comedian Nate Bargatze Jokes About Prison, Facebook, And Fights On Tonight Show

Nate Bargatze went on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and did a TOIT five-minute stand-up comedy set about performing at a prison, Facebook likes in relationships, fighting with his wife, and new pills in an old bottle.

Bargatze has received praise from Marc Maron in Rolling Stone and Jim Gaffigan on Twitter. Nate was born in Tennessee and currently lives in Nashville. I proposed to my then-girlfriend, now-wife on the roof of the Acme Feed & Seed in Nashville. The trip was well-known to her, but the destination was a surprise. There’s nothing like building up the suspense and anticipation of a surprise only to have it ruined by the ticket lady at the airport. In her most deadpan, joyless voice, “Have fun in Nashville. NEXT!”

Ya hate to say “So true”, but it’s so problematic when you’re in a relationship and you don’t like every single thing your significant other posts. That’s when the gossip rags and tabloids start wildly speculating. Is there trouble in relationship land? Is a break-up on the horizon? An insider source says don’t be surprised if more secrets leak!

For a long time, the big criticism from my wife was that we didn’t take enough pictures as a couple. And my retort to that was supply and demand. Do we really want to be one of those couples that’s constantly posting pics of our happiness and/or hotness? That’s how you breed contempt and hatred. Alternatively, we post once a month and bathe in the likes and comments. “Love this!” “Too cute!” “Can’t even” “You guys should post more pics!” We should, but we won’t. *Evil laugh* Capitalism, ‘cuz!

You can buy his latest album “Full Time Magic” through Comedy Central, iTunes, or Amazon.

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