Stop Flipping Out Over Bat Flips And Get Into These Alternative Home Run Celebrations From The Seattle Mariners 

Seattle Mariners home run celebrations

The Seattle Mariners released a promo video on Twitter that shows alternative home run celebrations to replace the bat flip.

As a former pitcher, I’m all for batters getting creative with their home run celebrations. You got the best of me, now I want to see the best of you in all your glory. Don’t give me the hackneyed bat flip. I’m embarrassed for you. Thankfully, the Seattle Mariners published this video to help out sluggers everywhere.

I’d go so far as to say the Mic Drop is even gettin’ old. It hasn’t even been used in a batter’s box and I’m tired of it. That damn Verizon Wireless commercial with Thomas Hiddleston from Silicon Valley should be the death sentence for mic drops. The bat flip and the mic drop can take their places alongside the Crying Jordan meme in a retirement home.

Besides the mic drop, the Mariners gave us the jouster, the drum major, the “lullaby” (cradling a baby), and my two favorites: the jockey and the grandpa. Of the two, grampa wins by a walking cane. Jockey was obviously influenced by Adam Sandler’s character Happy Gilmore…

… while the jouster had to be inspired by Chi-Chi Rodriguez…

chi chi rodriguez sword

The Mariners’ Twitter account asked for fans to submit their own, so this could get entertaining as all hell. My idea – albeit somewhat controversial given gun control in the US – is the Navy Seal, whereby the batter uses the bat as a sniper rifle and stealthy moves around the basepaths like he’s hunting Bin Laden. Like some serious Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Rainbox Six shtick.

Source: The Mariners unveil 6 brilliant alternatives for the bat flip

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