The Ta-Ta Towel Says Ta Ta to Boob Sweat and Hi Ya to Bowling Jokes

A model demos the Ta-Ta Towel on the couch. Image via

“Ta-Ta Towels are the latest viral trend, a towel bra that holds up your boobs while it’s hot out. But are they worth it?”

Source: The Ta-Ta Towel Is Engineered to Absorb Boob Sweat

Full disclosure, I don’t know anyone that says “Ta ta for now!” other than rich women in movies and tv shows. There was a time where I thought they were saying “Boob-bye!” or “Breast Wishes!”, which is not too shabby. Floppy, perhaps, but not shabby. Like, say adios to these chi-chis. However, it completely contradicted their character to say that. Conservative lady who gets offended at pretty much anything departing on a provocative note?

As it turns out, I completely forgot that Tigger from Winnie the Pooh would also say “Ta ta for now”, which is a slap in the face to that cartoon’s creator.

Also didn’t remember that Sting would sign off from his shit-talking with TTFN. THAT… might be the most bizarre usage…

I’ve been looking for a one-year anniversary gift for the wife and even though I’m supposed to go with a paper-based item, the ta-ta towel just Rat Tailed paper’s keister.

And if you think this Ta-Ta Towel will be confined to the bathroom or the house, you are dead wrong, my friend. This thing is going global. I’m talking poolside, beach, schools, museums, malls, movie theaters, churches, mosques, and most definitely gyms. How do I feel about that? How do YOU feel about that? I’m not sure. There’s less cleavage, I know that much. Lotta separation. It’s an interesting look. Kinda reminds me of when Jesus polishes his bowling ball in The Big Lebowski.


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