Everyone Needs To Calm All The Way Down About Eli Manning Getting Benched

The Giants announced they will bench Eli Manning for the Week 13 game against the Oakland Raiders and start Geno Smith in his place. Everyone is making way too big a deal out of this and I’ll tell you why.

Former Giants weren’t happy about the move. Archie Manning says he wasn’t shocked by the decision. The New York Post is running what-if scenarios in which the Giants trade or release Eli. Can we pump the brakes for a hot second? Can we take a deep breath? Can we not lose our collective minds about this?

Riddle me this: With the Giants officially eliminated from playoff contention and the 2017 season effectively over, why would you play your 36-year-old, Pro Bowl, Super Bowl MVP, future Hall of Fame quarterback? WHY? To continue some stupid streak? WHY? So, he can continue to hit all these gaudy milestones?

Eli needs 16 more touchdowns to surpass 350. That ain’t happenin’. *Maybe* he throws 9 more to pass Fran Tarkenton. Maybe he surpasses John Elway in total passing yards. You don’t think he can do all that next year? No one has given me one good reason why this team should risk their franchise QB to a serious injury over the next five games. To win games and get a WORSE draft pick?

Benching Eli Manning is the right move. How the Giants handled the benching probably could’ve been better. There’s no “good” way to do this. By benching a healthy, productive starter (and leader), you’re essentially saying, “Hey Giants fans, this season is over. We’re evaluating for next season”. That’s also saying, “Don’t bother coming to games, because this is gonna be like preseason times a million.”

Are any Giants fans enjoying these games? Do you enjoy watching Eli Manning struggle and wilt like a flower under pressure? Do you like seeing his receivers run the wrong routes and drop easy catches? Let the man relax. Let him take some time to clear his mind and start prepping for 2018.

Maybe Eli sees something from the sidelines or the booth that no one else is seeing. Maybe he can provide some in-game input from another perspective. Maybe he can keep closer tabs on Ben McAdoo so when John Mara approaches Manning in the offseason and asks him whether or not the Giants should keep McAdoo, Eli can give a definitive, emphatic ‘hell naw, brah’.

I’m really not understanding the overreaction from Giants fans and former players. THE 2017 SEASON IS OVER. TURN THE PAGE. MOVE ON. Evaluate Geno Smith. Evaluate Davis Webb. See if we really do need to draft a quarterback in the first (we don’t) or if we need to select a running back (we don’t – though Saquon Barkley is tempting).

It’s tough to watch Eli fighting back tears. You can tell the dude wants to play. But, his Giants career is definitely NOT over. He’s not getting traded unless it’s an absolutely perfect deal and he’s for sure not getting released. Not with Geno Smith, an unproven Davis Webb, and a frickin’ gigantic question mark hovering over Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield, or Sam Darnold.

Eli’s not going anywhere. Jerry Reese is as good as gone. Ben McAdoo and most of the coaching staff should hit the bricks. Surround Eli with the players and coaches he needs to win and get this man a third Lombardi. As for right now, it’s beach time, baby! Grap a frickin’ pail, pal!




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