Students are Anxious About This Facial Recognition Technology in Classrooms But I Need It At All Times



Hangzhou No. 11 High School in China introduced a facial recognition technology system that records facial expressions of all students in classrooms and sends them to teachers for analysis. The system — called ‘Intelligent Classroom Behavior Management System’ — scans the classroom every 30 seconds and recognizes seven different expressions such as neutral, happy, sad, disappointed, scared, angry and surprised. 

I can understand monitoring the classroom for kids taking naps then feeding them Adderall or cutting down on note-passing (something I never participated in, which means I resent anyone who did for excluding me) but this just seems like an extra burden on teachers. First, they can’t bang the students. Then, they can’t lay their hands on them. Then, we want to give them guns so they can take down shooters. Now, they’re assigned extra homework. You somehow survive another day of teaching hormonal monsters without committing (or preventing) homicide and then you have to ‘look at the tape’? Who are you, Ben McAdoo?

On the other hand, I don’t see how this any different than a head coach reviewing game film with his staff then reviewing game film again with his (OR HER) players. Other than salary. Until classrooms start charging admission and land some TV rights, teachers aren’t making any Forbes’ lists.

If we had this face-scanning tech when I was in high school and my face were getting scanned, I’m pretty sure I’d of ended up in treatment or with a restraining order. I mean, both of those happened anyway but it would’ve been a lot quicker. I did an unhealthy amount of low-key stares at hot girls that produced a notebook’s worth of doodles of said hot girls… doing things. Google, eat your heart out.

And I napped. Not intentionally. Intentionally napping is such an alpha move. I’m beta ’til I bite it. “It” being the dust. But the kid that gave this quote… wow…

One student at Hangzhou said,

“Previously when I had classes that I didn’t like very much, I would be lazy and maybe take naps on the desk or flick through other textbooks. But now I don’t dare be distracted after the cameras were installed in the classrooms. It’s like a pair of mystery eyes are constantly watching me.”

“Mystery eyes”. That’s the first time these eyes have seen those two words next to each other. I’ve seen “hungry eyes“, “stink eye”, “side eye”, “third eye blind“, “eagle eye cherry” but there’s no mystery when it comes to those eyes. Those eyes are “fuck me eyes” if you’re a Chinese high school student and not the one that comes with a happy ending (stereotype). You thought your parents were bad (stereotype) you’re gonna be assmebling iPhones ’til your eyes fall out of your head (stereotype). These eyes cry every night for you Chinese high school students…

All that aside, if I could use this facial tech (great porno) in my life asap. I don’t know what happened to me during the development stages of my mother’s pregnancy or through my formative years but I can’t read people worth a damn. I’ve never said “I know what you’re thinking” and been right. Never even uttered, “I know what you’re feeling”.

Does that make me a psychopath or a sociopath? I’m some kinda ‘path. But, if I had this facial recognition technology to tell me what someone else is feeling and why? These Irish eyes would be smilin’. And not because of the liter ‘a vodka in my system.

via This school scans classrooms every 30 seconds through facial recognition technology


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