New Ad Technology Convinces Your Wife To Initiate Sex for Less Than $30

The Spinner downloads cookies to your target's device and supplies tailored articles to influence target.

The Spinner downloads cookies to your target’s device and supplies tailored articles to influence target.

The Spinner lets you influence others through a campaign of tailored news articles on websites that the target visits. The foremost example used by the company is a husband persuading his wife to initiate sex.

Here’s the short of it:

  • Husband pays $29
  • Husband receives a URL with a tracking code linked to a cookie
  • Husband sends URL to wife
  • Wife clicks link, cookie is downloaded to wife’s device
  • Wife browses sites, sees articles supplied by The Spinner such as “3 Reasons Why You Should Initiate Sex With Your Husband.”

The Spinner’s websites says “The global number of married men who want their wife to increase the number of initiated sexual advances towards them, is estimated to be around 1 billion.”

A quick math check shows that’s around 13.2% of the globe sitting in silence or dropping subdued innuendos with sad boners.

The author of one article on The Spinner had this to say:

The Spinner itself is evil – that goes without saying. If any husband would use the platform on his wife, I am sure she would kick his ass to the curb and force him to listen to Nickelback albums on repeat until his head explodes.”

He also went on to say:

“We are falling down the slippery slope of getting used to more and more invasions of our privacy.”

“Nothing is safe.”

“If you need to use some passive-aggressive advertising platform to discuss your needs, you have bigger problems than a lack of sex.”

Listen, I’m lazy as all hell. I’m also not a big fan of confrontation. I’m not saying I’d do this but would you rather have a husband pay 3 Hamiltons to get a low-budget, most definitely disease-riddled beej below the bridge on the bad side of town or titillate his wife to get in the mood? Is The Spinner a form of prostitution? No. It’s more like Love Potion No. 9. Remember that movie? Such a whimsical classic!

For everyone who’s blown their collective top on this, The Spinner is not pure evil. You can also use their magical technology to:

  • Get your kid a dog! (Exposure to articles such as: 12 Reasons Why Your Family Should Get A Dog)
  • Propose marriage! (Exposure to articles like How to Propose: Marriage Proposal Do’s and Don’ts)
  • Find a new job! (Exposure to articles such as: 5 Signs You Need to Quit Your Job ASAP)
  • Quit smoking! (Exposure to articles such as: How to Stop Smoking? Get a Good Enough Reason to Quit)
  • Stop drinking! (Exposure to articles such as: It never crossed my mind that I was an alcoholic)

But, my two favorites are:

Message: Prevent phishing attacks!

Target: Employees

Exposure to articles such as: How to spot a scam email – and what to do if you receive a suspicious message


and this guy…

The Spinner Pro Athletes Don't Do Drugs Ad Campaign

The Spinner Pro Athletes Don’t Do Drugs Ad Campaign

I mean, if you’re an agent and you do this for your client, you deserve bonus points. Scott Boras prob just added this to his suite of services (complimentary of course!)

via Brainwashing your wife to want sex? Here is adtech at its worst | The Drum

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