Sooo, The Giants Almost Beat the Panthers on the Final Kickoff Return that FOX Didn’t Air For Some Reason

BREAKING NEWS: There was a final kickoff in the New York Giants Carolina Panthers game and the Giants almost took it to the house.



What if I told you that the Giants-Panthers game didn’t end on Graham Gano’s 63 yard field goal like the FOX broadcast would have us all believe. What if I told you there was one final kickoff and the goddamn Giants almost took it to the goddamn house to win the ballgame?

A) How does FOX not air this? If this play scores and FOX didn’t televise it, FOX has to end as a network, right? Like, we don’t even petition, we riot nationwide and burn down every affiliate plus HQ. Like, this is the Heidi Game on steroids.

B) How am I just now finding out about this?

C) Look out fucking close we were to winning this damn game!

New York Giants were one lateral away from beating the Carolina Panthers on the final kickoff return.

New York Giants were one lateral away from beating the Carolina Panthers on the final kickoff return.

I was deflated after Gano’s kick went through the uprights. My memory is shit because we have the baby now and time doesn’t exist. I vaguely remember maybe going to the kitchen or taking a breather outside. That said, if it was on TV by some modern miracle, HOW IS EVERYONE NOT TALKING ABOUT IT IN THE POST-GAME?!? This is like the Music City Miracle times a million (minus the fact it’s a regular season Week 5 game and not a do-or-die playoff game, but still).

When I saw a post in the Giants subreddit about this, I brushed it off. Clearly a shitpost. Didn’t even bother clicking on it. Not falling for that fake news. Obviously an Eagles fan trying to troll us into getting our hopes up in lieu of Thursday’s game.

Then I saw a second post. This time it mentioned a reporter from the Charlotte Observer. Okay. Now we got somethin’.

Let’s take a look at the videotape:

We start off by seeing that there’s 1 second left on the clock as hoards of Panthers fans make way for the exits. Weird. Could’ve sworn FOX showed zero ticks in regulation.

Sure enough, we see Graham Gano marking off his steps. Part of me is thinking this is a hoax. This is a just a regular kickoff and Rick Astley will come on and Rick-roll me. But nope. Kick goes to the furthest boundary in the end zone.

The resolution sucks shit but it appears Odell takes it out and makes some unreal Madden moves on the opposition. It’s one thing to see him juke and jive in HD during the telecast, it’s another to see it from the coaches’ booth. My man is like wet soap in a rainstorm. Hachi mama. Blows by a would-be tackler at the 5, stunts on a defender at the 15, reverses field, makes same guy miss on way back in addition to breaking off a new enemy, inexplicably decides to toss back to … I wanna say Sterling Shepard but it might’ve been Jawill Davis. I’ll say Davis. JD heads right looking like QB on an option play. He finds a seam slicing left and has some open field.

Here’s where things get interesting. If this is Odell toting the rock, he scores. He simply turns on the jets and torches the four or five Panthers ahead. Instead, Davis does a masterful job of drawing in a slew of Panthers and looks left to spot two Giants: Russell Shepard and ??? SAQUON MOTHERFUCKING BARKLEY ??? If he hits the outside Giant (Barkley) with his hand up calling for the ball, that Giant has a pretty clear path to the end zone. Only question is does that Giant have the speed to outrun the 1 Panther 7 yards ahead of him and Gano? If it’s Barkley, we Gucci.

EDIT: Upon further review, it looks like the outside Giant had an 8 as his first number not a 2. That would mean Sterling Shepard was the one who tossed back and Jawill Davis was the Giant with his hand up. This site lists Jawill’s 40 time as 4.43 with a low of 4.35. That prob is enough to beat out the opposition to the promised land.

This is where the resolution kills my boner. I can’t even track the ball but at the :30 mark it appears Russell Shepard reaches with his right arm outstretched and might get a piece of the ball. Barkley Davis tries to stop his forward momentum and dip down to catch it but can’t. If he pulls it in, it’s six, Giants win. But he can’t. I’m wondering if the knee issue he had on his touchdown played any role in not coming up with the catch.

This isn’t as gut-wrenching as the 76 Lambuth Special in the 2001 Giants-Eagles game but it’s definitely for sure more mystifying. I feel like I’ve stumbled upon footage of Bigfoot or a UFO. Like how does this only exist on Streamable? Also, why can’t I find a clip of the 76 Lambuth Special?!?! Is this a conspiracy? You better believe your sweet tinfoil hat wearing ass it is.

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