Giants Humiliated By Bills

The New York Giants lost 28-14 to the Buffalo Bills in Week 2 of NFL action. Here are my post-game reactions.

I’mma keep this one short. No one needs to relive that game. When Saquon Barkley crossed the goal line to cap the Giants’ opening drive, you just knew it was all downhill from there. You could turn off the broadcast and slip back into your cozy Sunday coma safely knowing this squad will fall apart.

Sure, Bryant Gumbel and Trent Green — two of the worst announcers in the solar system — did their damndest to convince us the Giants had a shot, stating the Giants rushed for more yards on that opening scoring drive than the Jets did all of Week 1. They made it sound like the Giants wouldn’t even need to attempt a pass the entire game.

The Bills offense, led by Josh Allen (who is tall and has big hands and looks good in shorts), would score on three consecutive drives. DeAndre Baker seemed to be a full 5-10 yards away whenever his receiver caught the ball. Allen had all the live long day to survey the field and when he didn’t, he make plays with his feet and pick up positive yards. Our defense was getting gutted by the ghost of Cole Beasley, Isaiah McKenzie, and John Brown. This secondary has been trapped in training camp drills for 2 weeks now.

Offensively, the Giants wouldn’t really put up anything like that drive for the rest of the contest. 3 and out. 3 and out. 4 and out. Then a 14-play drive that chewed up almost 6 minutes of clock and resulted in a missed field goal from Aldrick Rosas, his first in 21 attempts. Love how Giants beat reporters were bragging about Rosas was crushing 59-yarders in pre-game. Thanks for that. Instead of 21-10, we have 21-7. Not important, right?

Welp, we actually get a stop on defense and Buffalo punts to our Preseason Prince TJ Jones, NOT Jabril Peppers, and returns the ball 60 yards into Bills territory. Jones only had one man to beat on that return and couldn’t outrun him. On first, Manning throws a first to Bills’ 21. Next play, ball’s tipped and picked. We could’ve at least got 3 out of that drive. Instead 0. Could’ve been 21-16. Instead 21-7 at the half.

Scoreless third marked by 1 Giants drive getting into Bills territory that’s ended when Eli takes a sack and loses the ball on third. Benny Fowler catches a ball down the right sideline and gets pulverized by Micah Hyde and loses the ball, has to leave the game for a bit.

Cody Latimer catches a ball over the middle, takes a helmet to helmet and has to leave with a concussion. Yet again, no call on the h2h. So, Cody Core — the guy we picked up that sent Alonzo Russell packing — and TJ Jones, the guy we cut despite leading all receivers in catches, yards, and TDs in the preseason are making clutch catches. Benny Fowler had 10 targets!

Evan Engram didn’t make his first catch until 6 minutes left in first half. Inexcusable. Get him the ball. And not this 2-yard shallow crossing horse manure. And whatever happened to splitting Barkley out wide or putting him in the slot and letting him play WR against overmatched ‘backers or safeties? You honestly don’t think Saquon can win that matchup? A simple 5 yard in or out, a slant? Something down-the-field?

For all the talk about getting Barkley more touches, he had 17 or 18 carries and 3 receptions. Looks like we’re trending in the right direction in terms of volume but now you have to give higher quality of touches. Touches where he’s in space and do something with the ball. Get him the ball moving north-south.

One one drive, the Bills had a couple balls batted high into the air and the Giants couldn’t come up with the pick. You had to know that drive would end in a score. Of course, the dagger in the Giants’ heart came when Dexter Lawrence decided to come across the face of the long snapper on a field goal attempt, giving the Bills a set of fresh downs. They promptly scored a touch. The Giants D had finally come up with a big stop inside their own 5 and it was all for nothing. 28-14. Again. Lawrence uses his brain on what is surely a very makable kick and it’s 23-14. Had the Giants hit their 2 previous FGs, it’s 23-20.

That might be what’s so frustrating about these games. They’re losses and the final score makes these losses look like blowouts or like the Giants weren’t even close. When, in fact, it’s a matter of maybe 3-4 plays and they’re right in the thick of things.

At this point, with most of your receivers in street clothes, I can easily see us going 0-4 to open the season. Even with Shep and Tate back, we probably lose to the Vikings and Pats, putting us at 0-6. Do you put Daniel Jones in then? Might as well.

Pat Shumur is the worst. I understand we’ve had catastrophic injuries but this is Ben McAdoo all over again. Your gameplan sucks.

Bettcher’s schemes have made us squeamish. I know most of this blog focused on what the Giants O should’ve or could’ve done, but it’s moot. You can’t win ballgames with this D. Sure, they had a few sacks, but when they stunk on third downs. Janoris Jenkins seemed out of it. Alec Ogletree doesn’t belong on the roster. We suck getting first downs and we can’t keep other teams from getting them.

I can legit see us going 1-15. I don’t even know who you pick in next year’s draft that makes a difference. Can you draft the entire Alabama defense?


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