Giants Have No Choice But To Bury the Deadskins

The New York Giants smothered the Washington Redskins in Week 4 of NFL action. Here are my thoughts.

Daniel Jones continues to prove the Giants made the right choice in the 2019 NFL Draft. After leading a historic comeback that erased an 18 point lead in a come from behind win against the Bucs, Danny Dimes didn’t need to do all that much in coasting to a 24-3 dub against the Deadskins.

We saw the good and the bad for Jones. His ability to move and pick up first downs with his legs.

His ability to move in the pocket and be patient and find the open guy. But he also made a couple of throws that ended up getting picked with a third that could’ve been a turnover if Josh Norman holds onto it.

Daniel’s interceptions weren’t all that bad. A yard here, a split second there and both those picks could’ve been completions. If he puts some extra mustard on that deep toss against Norman, it couldve been a tudder. And who knows against a better team with a better offense, maybe those giveaways end up in points but this Washington ball club is about as lifeless as it gets.

Case Keenum missed a wide open receiver on their opening drive that would’ve been 6. He also missed another wide open target that would’ve been another score. He gets benched in the second quarter and the QB that a LOT of people thought the Giants should’ve picked (myself included) took the field. After that first drive in which he led the offense on a drive ending in 3, Haskins didn’t do all that much. Ended up throwing 3 picks, 1 that Jabrill Peppers took to the house.

Of course, I did my damndest to jinx the Giants with brazen and brash boasting on Twitter. I entertained the idea of buying a Ryan Connelly jersey and it looks like he might be out for a long time with a non-contact knee injury.

“LB Ryan Connelly is the 3rd Giants rookie to record both a sack and an INT in the same game since sacks became an official stat in 1982.”

Ryan, I am so sorry, my man. I mean, the dude was en route to possible Pro Bowl consideration the way he was trending.

I piled on the praise for Daniel Jones and the universe balanced itself by forcing him to throw 2 picks.

Wayne Gallman looked good filling in for Saquon but lost a fumble. Jon Hilliman looked good converting short yardage downs but also lost a ball.

“Wayne Gallman Jr. is the 3rd Giants player since 2015 with 50+ scrimmage yards and 2+ TD in a half (Beckham Jr., Barkley).”

Make no mistake, this game was ugly. Lots of turnovers. An unfathomable amount of penalties, most of which were as ticky-tack as it gets. But as bad as the Redskins are, it was still nice for the defense to put a 3-spot. They bottled up Adrian Peterson. They contained Chris Thompson. Of course, there were receivers wide open but no damage done.

David Mayo looks like one of the more underrated acquisitions. And now he’ll have to step up big time because I don’t foresee Connelly coming back soon after exiting the game on a cart.

Tuzar Skipper got int he sack column. That has the potential to be another great low-key move by Big Blue’s brass.

Even though we notched a couple sacks, they were mostly coverage sacks. We didn’t see DeAndre Baker get burned. That’s back to back weeks of not-embarrassing play from the first round pick.

This draft. The OBJ trade. This 2-game winning streak has me believing Dave Gettleman made the right moves. Zeitler’s been steady. Peppers appears to be a playmaker. Ximines has been getting to the quarterback. Lawrence applied some pressure.

8 of 10 players from 2019 draft are β€˜active’, 6 of those 8 are starters or play a lot of snaps (Jones, Lawrence, Baker, Ximines, Connelly, Slayton) with Julian Love and Corey Ballentine waiting in the wings.

4 of 6 players from 2018 draft are starters – Saquon, Will Hernandez, BJ Hill, Lorenzo Carter.

Now comes the road through Hell:

vs. Vikings
@ Pats
vs. Cardinals
@ Lions
vs. Cowboys

We’ll be lucky to come out of that stretch with 2 wins. But, Danny Dimes has me dreaming a little bigger, darling.

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