Giants Sacked by Cards, Fumble Away Opportunity in NFC East

The New York Giants lost to the Arizona Cardinals, 27-21, in Week 7 of the 2019 NFL season and it made me lose all hope for the rest of the season.

I just don’t get how you lose this game. You’ve got 10 days to prepare for a team that has a WORSE defense than yours and a rookie QB who’s burped up ratings worse than yours and you come out and absolutely desecrate the bed. Big time. I can’t remember the last time we lost to a team whose QB threw for less than 100 net passing yards.

I had to listen to the game on the radio through the first 1.5 quarters. We were driving back from Salem, Massachusetts and everyone was sick. The baby had been barfing since Friday morning and I laid there in bed at our hotel room on Saturday night as my wife and her sister were barfing and thought, “This is fine” like that dumb dog wearing the hat sitting at the table as the room around him is on fire.

And I tell ya, there’s not a better way to encapsulate how I, my wife, my sister-in-law, and my baby daughter felt than this game. I was already sick and this game somehow made me sicker.

Something called a “Chase Edmonds” from Fordham tore up our defense. Looked like David Johnson if David Johnson were 100% healthy.

“Chase Edmonds was the 5th player in NFL history to score 3 rush TD of 20+ yards in a single game (Mercury Morris, Clinton Portis, Adrian Peterson, and Doug Martin).”

On the first of Edmonds’ 3 touchdowns, Jabrill Peppers lined up as a linebacker and got caught behind Olsen Pierre who was getting bulldozed into the Hudson River.

Giants respond on offense with Daniel Jones taking the first of 8 sacks then throwing into double coverage for an interception (Arizona’s first INT of the season) that set up Arizona’s second touchdown, another 20+ yard run by Edmonds. On that TD scamper, Peppers can’t make the tackle, Ogletree can’t shed block, Bethea missed tackle, Michael Thomas is like 10-15 yards away after not identifying the run.

Saquon Barkley trying to do too much too soon coming off a high ankle sprain. Sometimes you just have to take what the defense gives you. He had a couple plays where he tried to make something out of nothing and it cost us huge losses. I’m sure Lions fans went through this with Barry Sanders. A handful of crazy negatives in exchange for one that goes to the house.

Horse manure pass interference called against Janoris Jenkins. Shurmur obviously challenges and obviously loses. There has to be like a third party service comprised completely of sane football fans who make the decisions on this. Pass interference penalties are like the biggest points of pride for officials and they’re completely unwilling to budge on them.

Daniel Jones had another game that he and every Giants fan on the planet would like to forget. Only the one interception (though a couple more could’ve been picked), plus three fumbles. Sacked 8 times and a handful of them were due to Jones either not getting rid of the ball or not taking off downfield / scrambling.

Daniel’s touchdown toss to Rhett Ellison was a thing of beauty, which could’ve been a disaster had the ball been off by a yard. Of course, I didn’t see it live on account of being in transit. This is what we can expect from him the rest of the season. It’s not gonna be an overnight correction. He’ll throw at least 1 gorgeous pass per game and he’ll chuck an inexplicable pick. He won’t audible when he should and audible when he shouldn’t.

There’s no shot in hell Daniel audibles to a shotgun draw on 3rd and 18 knowing full well we’d go for it on 4th and long inside our own 35 down by 3. The fumbles, though, have got to stop.

Not a great showing for Evan Engram. 5 targets, 1 catch for 6 yards. Dropped a big gain down the right sideline. Dropped another over the middle. For some reason, he and Barkley decided against gloves and both had drops. You’d think a coach would hop on in and be like hey, throw on these gloves for a lil, see how it goes.

It looked like our special teams would come up with the game ball after a blocked punt recovered for a touchdown and a genius shift that caused a false start and forced the Cards out of field goal range. Then, Aldrick Rosas missed a kick he usually makes. 2017 Rosas is BACK, Y’all!

We had the opportunity to at least tie the game before half, but our offense imploded. An 11-play drive wasted because of holding penalties. We score there then get ball back to begin the second half and we’ve got all the momentum. Instead, we punt and go three and out on first second half series.

More sacks, more fumbles. Blah blah blah. Pat Shurmur’s an unmitigated turdface. 3rd and 18 down by 3 and you dial up a shotgun draw because your own team couldn’t stop a 3rd and 11 shotgun draw? And you dialed THAT play up because you knew you’d go for it on 4th and 15. Just outrageous.

There was a brief moment when we were down 10, 24-14, and I thought of the 10-point lead we overcame against the Cardinals in Arizona in 2011. But, then I remembered this offensive line is a far cry from 2011’s and rookie Daniel Jones is a far cry from PEAK Eli Manning.

At 2-5 with three tough games coming up, I wouldn’t be shocked if we lose them all and Shurmur gets canned. We’re a missed field goal and two missed passes by Case Keenum away from being winless. I was slightly encouraged after the Vikings loss and got a little more encouraged after the Patriots loss and all that is down the crapper after an ugly loss to Arizona.

James Jones got me all hyped up with that 10-6 run he predicted and I’d be surprised if we can pull off 5 total W’s. I know I shouldn’t, but my finger is hovering over the Cuncel button.



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