Giants Lose ‘Burning Garbage Bowl’ to Lowly Jets, So Let the Head Rolling Begin

The New York Giants lost to the New York Jets in Week 10 and here are my thoughts.

Welp, I said last week after the loss to the Cowboys on Monday night that if we lose to the Jets, Pat Shurmur and James Bettcher need to be fired and GM Dave Gettleman should be on the white hottest of hot seats. Then, Evan Engram and Sterling Shepard were ruled out. Then, Mike Remmers and Jon Halapio were ruled out. Then, Nate Solder got a concussion. It was like the Football Gods just couldn’t get enough of Shurmur’s shitty face haunting the sidelines and our TV sets and set him up to have a whole squad of scapegoats to get out of being fired.

I can just see John Mara calling Pat Shurmur into his office and saying “Why shouldn’t I fire you right now?” and Shurmur pointing to not having Engram, Shep, Remmers, ‘Pio, and eventually Solder. And Mara being like ‘fair enough’ and letting him slide. But the MOMENT James Bettcher enters Mara’s office, he’s fired.

There are no excuses for Bettch. He’s missing 1 starter in Ryan Connelly. I don’t care how many rookies you have on that unit. We let guys like Jamison Crowder (5 catches, 81 yards, 1 TD) and DeMaryius Thomas (6 catches, 84 yards) beat us. We let the anemic Jets offense get a first down on 3rd and 11 when we had 8 defensive backs on the field. BE. BETTER. BETTCHER.

Entering this contest, the Jets offense was ranked dead last in passing yards per game and 30th in rushing yards per game. Though, Le’Veon Bell didn’t do much of anything, Sam Darnold saw 0 ghosts and was only sacked twice.

The Giants defense is beyond the point of embarrassment. When … WHEN is Bettcher going to realize that playing a “soft zone” is costing us wins? DeAndre Baker has shown he’s most effective in man-to-man press coverage. Janoris Jenkins is best when playing man. PLAY MAN-TO-MAN PRESS COVERAGE.

Dalvin Tomlinson had 9 combined tackles, a sack, and 2 tackles for loss. Markus Golden had a sack and a tackle for loss. Leonard Williams didn’t do a whole lot in the box score (3 combined tackles) but got a couple pressures. Jabrill Peppers was flying around, got a hit on Darnold, and a tackle for loss. Didn’t get much out of anyone else.

We somehow strung together consecutive scores to go up 27-21 after Jones gets strip-sacked for yet another fumble return for a touch and our defense proceeds to let the Jets go on a 13-0 run. MAKE A GODDAMN STOP!

Our defense was 29th in points allowed and 28th in total yards before this game. Didn’t get much better after.

It’s the same shit week in and week out. We dig ourselves into a big hole, scratch and claw our way back, then fall apart at the seams down the stretch.

Daniel Jones had another uneven game. 300+ passing yards, 4 touchdowns, 0 picks, but 3 more fumbles, one for the score. This guy has shown that he’s tough and will battle and can make the throws most QBs can’t and scramble for first downs and people are already saying to move on from him and draft Joe Burrow?!? This guy is putting up record numbers for a rookie QB and if he had a goddamn offensive line, who knows what his line would look like.

“Daniel Jones has become only the 3rd rookie since at least 1950 to throw a TD in each of his first 8 starts.”

Saquon Barkley is definitely not at 100% but Shumur is doing him ZERO favors. Hey, let’s run him directly up the clogged gut a bajillion times for 0 yards an attempt. It’s like Shurmur has a faulty lightbulb that goes off ONCE a game. This time, he matches Barkley up on a LB for an easy pitch and catch on 3rd down that goes for a big gain. WHY DON’T YOU RUN THAT PLAY ONCE A DRIVE, YOU MOTHERFUGGIN’ DUNCE!?!

“Saquon Barkley has fewer than 75 rush yards in 5 straight games (longest streak of career).”

And forget about screen passes. With Engram and Shep out, Barkley becomes your #3 receiver. ‘Quon had 5 catches on 5 targets. Give him 10 targets a game and each target should be him running a pattern 5 yards down the field. It’s not rocket science. He can beat anyone who covers him. Stop overthinking things, dude.

Also, my GAWD, does Barkley suck at pass blocking. Guy’s a superhero. Can do anything. But pass blocking is his kryptonite. Got blown up my Jamal Adams on that strip sack TD, failed to help out our backup tackles with chips that could’ve given Jones a little more time. So now we have to put Wayne Gallman out there on long third downs.

Golden Tate should have 10+ targets a game. Instead, he had 8, catching 4, with 2 going for scores. It’s crazy how Shurmur can’t get Tate more involved earlier on. Feels like it always takes us damn near a half to realize he’s on our team.

How about the end of that clip when Nick Gates got down on a knee like there was gonna be a group photo? Guy, we’re 2-7 and getting our dicks kicked in by the Goddamn Jets who just lost to the fucking DOLPHINS! Get it together!

Darius Slayton got 10 grabs on 14 targets for 121 yards and 2 touchdowns. That’s the kind of production we can expect of Big Play if you give him enough opportunities. He can become more than just a 2 big catches per game guy.

Watching this team is like being in a fever dream that’s a nightmare on loop. Extra points… the most gimme of gimme points… have become the Bane of our existence. They’ve completely altered the way we play football. Bad snap on an extra point makes the game 14-13. Jets score, 21-13. We score 21-19. Just. Kick. The. Extra. Point. Instead, Imbecile goes for 2. Tate gets called for PI. Rosas misses an extra long extra point. Jackass, if we hit those 2 XPs, we’re down 31-28 and we can play for a FG instead of pushing for a TD down 31-27.

I HATE watching this team. A lot. And like I said last week, I don’t see the silver lining. Sterling Shepard’s career might be over. If we continue to run Saquon out there with a bum ankle, he’s risking ruining his career. I don’t see Evan Engram ever being a consistently healthy player for us and there are too many holes on the offensive line and on our defense to even think we have a shot at winning. AND we basically gave away 2 draft picks for a guy that’s definitely walking after this season.

Why would Leonard Williams stay for this shitshow? He just came from a shitshow and I would argue a BETTER shitshow than the dreck we’re farting out onto the field.

At this point, if Shumur and Bettcher are somehow granted reprieve, then they have to get nuts. Stop doing whatever you’ve been doing. Start gambling. Start throwing caution into the wind. Be as aggressive as possible and see what your team is made of. You literally have nothing to lose so let ‘er rip.

Oh, and why keep Gettleman for at least 1 more season? Well, at least he’s shown SOMETHING positive. He whiffed on Shurmur and Bettcher and Shula. Sure. He whiffed on a bunch of free agents. Sure. But, his drafts have been pretty damn good. Are we 1 more good draft away from postseason contention? Prob not. But if he could just hit on a couple good free agents on top of a good draft, MAYBE we can avoid another disaster of a season in 2020.

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