Giants Free Agency Haul, NFL Draft Day Trades, Top 5 Mets 1Bs, PFR’s Top 100 NFL Teams, Top 100 NFL Games | Giant Mess S1 Ep31

On this episode of “Giant Mess”:

  • Should the Mets bring back Harvey?
  • Thor tore his UCL and will need Tommy John – what does that mean for the starting rotation and for the bullpen?
  • Top 5 Mets first basemen in franchise history (as ranked by’s Anthony DiComo)
  • How Coronavirus will impact MLB free agency
  • How the NY Giants fared on Pro Football Reference’s top 100 NFL games, top 100 NFL players, and top 100 NFL teams of all-time
  • How the Giants fared in NFL free agency
  • What the Giants should do in the upcoming NFL Draft – Isaiah Simmons or trade down for Offensive Tackle
  • 2 potential trade chips on Draft Day
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