Fat Guy Explores Weight Loss Options After Holiday Binge Eating | Giant Mess Comedy

I have more free time on my hands these days (thanks, SNY), so I’m revisiting the video archives of my highly celebrated* “Giant Mess” podcast to uncover, edit, and publish some more ‘evergreen’ content that maybe you missed the first go-round.

This clip I unearthed from the “Giant Mess” Premiere Pro project folder is from January 2021, mere days before what I call “D-Day”, when the clock unofficially struck midnight on my marriage. Did I cease and desist on the pod front to save said marriage? Yes. Did it work? For sure not.

In it, I riff about exploring the most scientific weight loss options I considered after binge eating like a filthy animal over the holidays in December 2020. I contemplate the idea of signing up for NJDiet.com and Princeton Longevity Center. There’s some discussh about State of the Enema, shout-out Blink. I finally understand why I can’t have a Cheat Day. And, I roast almonds.

Fat guy Neal Lynch explores weight loss options after binge eating over the holidays.

What the flippin’ heck have I been up to since January 2021? IYITKTYK… if you’re in the know, then you know, BUT for those who’ve been waiting with baited… bated… b8ed? breath, you’ll see. You’ll ALL see. That came across as ominous and threatening and I’m on too many watch lists (not the good kind), so I’ll drop the cryptic schtick. The pod’s coming back, Jack. Alexa, cue Slim Shady.

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