Mets Old Timers, Why I’m Bullish on Our Bare Bullpen, NY Giants Roster Cuts | Giant Mess S3 Ep11

In this Giant Mess, Giants-Mets fan Neal Lynch talks about:

  • Mets Old Timers Day — 79 year old Steve Dillon dealing, Ray Knight’s comments on the Wilpons, Retiring Willie Mays number
  • Mets vs Rockies recap – why I’m not worried about not sweeping
  • Mets vs Dodgers preview – why Timmy Trumpets’ live performance for Edwin Diaz could make or break our season
  • Why I’m cautiously optimistic about our bullpen and how things will work in the “p-word” (rhymes with ‘layoffs’)
  • New York Giants at NY Jets recap – Preseason Week 3 (finale) –  Tyrod Taylor injury, Tanner Hudson signing, Odell Beckham Jr. rumors, Austin Calitro, Alex Bachman, Darius Slayton, Kenny Golladay
  • NY Giants 53-man roster thoughts – why I’ve never had more doubt about a team heading into a season before


“Giant Mess” is a sloppy sports and entertainment talk show that covers the New York Giants, New York Mets, movies, TV, comedy and more, hosted by a giant mess, Neal Lynch.


I’m an Irish-Italian-American who graduated from a Catholic high school (but isn’t Catholic), and earned a couple overpriced degrees from a college known for producing doctors and lacrosse players, then became neither. Instead, I tell stories.

Leave a voicemail at (862) 248-1986.

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