Mets Fan Tries To Make Sense of Phillies vs Padres NLCS, MLB Playoff Reformat | Giant Mess S3 Ep26

In this “Giant Mess”, New York Mets fan Neal Lynch looks at the 2022 Mets’ win-loss splits from the regular season and tries to make sense of the how we got to a Phillies vs Padres NLCS, then gives his thoughts on al the talk about reformatting the MLB Playoffs yet again, plus this past season gave some old school fans 1985 vibes?


“Giant Mess” is a sloppy sports and entertainment talk show that covers the New York Giants, New York Mets, movies, TV, comedy and more, hosted by a giant mess, Neal Lynch.


I’m an Irish-Italian-American who graduated from a Catholic high school (but isn’t Catholic), and earned a couple overpriced degrees from a college known for producing doctors and lacrosse players, then became neither. Instead, I tell stories.

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