Giant Mess: Bad Boys For Life, Birds of Prey, The Invisible Man, Lady Antebellum, Paw Patrol, Juneteenth and Just Mercy | S1 Ep35

On this episode of “Giant Mess”, movie fan Neal Lynch talks about Bad Boys for Life, Birds of Prey, The Invisible Man, and much more!

How Do You Mistake Bird Poop For Cocaine?

shai werts cocaine bird poop

Georgia Southern QB Shai Werts had his drug possession charge dropped after it was discovered the cocaine on the hood of his car was actually bird poop. How does that mistake happen?

What a Dick Move: “Wanksy” Spray Paints Penises Around Potholes, Potholes Get Filled

wanksy spray paint pothole

This video from Now This News reports on a graffiti artist known as “Wanksy” (a take on the popular British tagger Banksy) who spray paints penises around potholes and might just cause a road repair revolution.

First Person Shooter Doc Asks Who Killed Keith Ratliff?

keith ratliff fps russia

This short doc from Conde Nast’s The Scene, “First Person Shooter”, takes a look at the mysterious shooting of FPS Russia channel co-creator Keith Ratliff in January 2013.

Man Born Without Limbs Selling His Art To Buy Bionic Arms

szabolcs kollinger

This video from Barcroft TV profiles a limbless man named Szabolcs Kollinger who’s selling his art to buy bionic arms. We could probably help out, right?

Trevor Noah’s Tweets Make Me Ask ‘What if Jon Stewart Had Twitter In His ’20s?’

trevor noah daily show host

Trevor Noah’s “offensive” tweets from 2011-2012 pale in comparison to Comedy Central’s Justin Bieber Roast and the Ari Shaffir rant about Damienne Merlina.

This Is The Most Absurd TV News I’ve Read In A While

In today’s Variety newsletter, I spotted an absolutely ridiculous blurb in the TV news section that confirmed my suspicion that advertisers are straight up simpletons.

Here’s Why Everyone Should Boycott Sarah Tressler aka Diablo Cody Jr.

You’ve probably read / heard / found out about Sarah Tressler, the former Houston Chronicle ‘Society’ reporter who was relieved of her duties for being a stripper. I first caught the story on The Superficial, which took the angle of ‘check out this star-f*cker who said Jeremy Piven sucks at chow box win’. My gut reaction? Uh, how… depressing.

15 Basketball-Themed Porn Films Doug Christie & Wife Should Produce

According to NBC Sports’ “Off the Bench” via Business Insider, former NBA shooting guard Doug Christie is reportedly starting his own porn production company with his wife “Basketball Wives: LA” cast member Jackie. Off the top of my head the only other celebrity I know that’s produced porn is Snoop Dogg and that investment’s like […]

The Dark Knight Rises Will Also Be a Video Game

The movie can’t come quick enough (ew) and now there’s a video game. Maybe I should finally cave and get a PS3? That would guarantee the release of the PS4. gamefreaksnz: Rumour: The Dark Knight Rises game in the works Upcoming blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises may be getting a video game tie-in, according to […]