Animated Game of Thrones SpeedRun Videos Get The Red Flowin’

quick draw game of thrones season 4 recap

This video from Vanity Fair is a recap of Game of Thrones’ Season 4 illustrated in one minute. Nic Cage would be proud.

Binge on This Bob’s Burgers Tina Belcher Mix from Eclectic Method

bob's burgers tina belcher music video eclectic method mix

Eclectic Method belches out another banger with this Bob’s Burgers Tina Mix that’s Hot Nix, son.

“The Derek Tape” Is Non-Stop Preposterousness

the derek tape animated series

“The Derek Tape” is a cassette tape that has an epic 25 minute phone conversation between a record store employee named Derek and his buddy, Kurt, who goes into great detail about how his friend owes him $20 and how he’s going to kill him over for not paying it back.

New Animated Series “Twaggies” Exclusively on Dailymotion

twaggies logo

Here’s the pilot episode of a brand new series featuring animated Twaggies, which are cartoons made from funny or interesting tweets.