‘Fartzenegger’ Is The Fart-Filled Arnold Schwarzenegger Video You Never Knew You Needed

Looking forward to Sly StaBUTTHOLLONE and Jet AnalLi

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Commentary on T3 Makes Me Tee Hee [VIDEO]

Come on. Let’s get serious. This is just flat out ridiculous. It almost sounds like an impersonator. I’ve honestly never heard the Governator so passionate. I could listen to Arnie say, “big breasts”, “naked”, “sexy” and “therefore” all… day… long. When and if I ever have my own kid, I’m gonna Rosetta Stone his ass […]

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Theme Song Re-mix [VIDEO]

My ability to hear and understand lyrics is sh*tty but is he saying, “And I don’t want nobody – DAMN! – but Mickey Mouse and Arnold Schwarzenegger”? I mean if Barbara Streisand can be in a hit song why not the wizard from Fantasia and the Terminator? collegehumor: Fresh Prince Theme Remix by POGO “Awesome. […]