Workaholics: How The Greatest Bro Show Of The Past Decade Should Have Ended

workaholics blake anders adam series finale

The series finale of Workaholics has come and gone, yet still lingers on. Here’s how the greatest bro show of the past decade should’ve wrapped things up.

Workaholics Video: 9 Reasons Why You Should Apply To Be Adam Demamp’s Co-Worker

workaholics adam devine adam demamp

I wrote the script for this UPROXX video “9 Reasons Why You Should Apply To Be Adam Demamp’s Co-Worker”, which compiles some of Devine’s best clips as Demamp on Workaholics.

Trevor Noah’s Tweets Make Me Ask ‘What if Jon Stewart Had Twitter In His ’20s?’

trevor noah daily show host

Trevor Noah’s “offensive” tweets from 2011-2012 pale in comparison to Comedy Central’s Justin Bieber Roast and the Ari Shaffir rant about Damienne Merlina.