This Generic Millenial Ad TOTES Gets It LOL BRB

generic millennial ad

This generic millennial ad from Dissolve, a stock footage company, pokes fun at advertisers who try way WAY too hard to appeal to “millennials” in their commercials.

The Preferred Toothpaste of Preemie Ejacs

man woman sex

Adrants called this spot, ‘The Weirdest Toothpaste Commercial You Will Ever See’. I think it’s clever and sexy. What do you think?

Take a Dip In This Sultry Swimwear Commercial

Nicole Meyer bikini

I channeled Eminem’s ‘8 Mile’ and lost myself in this video. Not sure if it’s a commercial for a specific swimwear company or just a video celebrating swimwear in general (it appears to be for “Sports Illustrated”), but I can’t wait for full on virtual reality to hit the market because I’d LIVE in this video for a full quarter.

I Absolutely LOATHE This Apple iPad Commercial [VIDEO]

These need to stop and they needed to stop 7 years ago. The twinkling of the piano, the multi-tasking, multi-ethnic super-parent who has it all, the pompous, pretentious narrator dramatically emphasizing every two f****** words.

Will Ferrell Appears in Old Milwaukee Commercials For Free [VIDEO]

I will also provide my comedic services free of charge for a series of beer commercials… as long as I get to keep the beer featured. ratsoff: Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Spots Will Ferrell approached the Pabst Brewing Co. this past September with a proposition: he’d do a series of commercials for their Old Milwaukee beer […]