Why I Like Giants Free Agency: Darren Waller Trade, Parris Campbell, Darius Slayton | Giant Mess

In this clip from “Giant Mess”, New York Giants fan Neal Lynch recaps and reacts to Big Blue’s moves during NFL Free Agency frency week 1 including the trade for former Raiders tight end Darren Waller, signing former Colts wide receiver Parris Campbell, and bringing back playmaker Darius Slayton.

Giants Lose ‘Burning Garbage Bowl’ to Lowly Jets, So Let the Head Rolling Begin

daniel jones giants jets 2019

The New York Giants lost to the New York Jets in Week 10 and heads need to roll, but probably won’t.

Giants Season Dies with Dumb Loss to Dumb Lions

Daniel Jones Giants Lions 2019

The New York Giants lost to the Detroit Lions, 31-26, in Week 8 of NFL action. Here are my useless, pointless thoughts that mean nothing because we’re all gonna die alone and life doesn’t matter.

Why Giants Lost to Vikings and How They Can Beat Patriots

Sterling Shepard Giants Vikings Week 5 NFL Football

The New York Giants lost to the Minnesota Vikings in Week 5 of NFL action. Here’s why they lost and how they can beat the New England Patriots on Thursday night.

Giants Wide Receivers Dropping Like Flies, Possible OBJ Curse?

corey coleman voodoo doll

New York Giants wide receivers are dropping like flies and I firmly believe we have ourselves an OBJ Curse.