Peen Pants, Christmas in July, Beer Die vs Busch Lit | Giant Mess S3 E5

In this “Giant Mess”, Neal Lynch talks about his “Glory Days” weekend in Block Island.

I’m Throwing the Challenge Flag on West Virginia Being One of the Least Drunk States in America

West Virginia is one of the states that drinks the least in America according to this infographic.

Here’s my take on the map of states that drink the most alcohol in America, specifically West Virginia.

Bartenders Share Their Craziest Barf Stories

In this exclusive video from Gothamist, bartenders share their craziest barf stories.

Jevo is The World’s First Fully Automated Jell-O Shots Maker

jevo jello shots maker

The Savory thinks you should call Jevo, the world’s first “fully automated” shot maker, “The Keurig of the gelatin world”. Urban Dictionary seems to think it’s “Puerto Rican slang for a friend with benefits”.

My Jokes About Binge Drinking, Animal Lovers, Fake Glasses

georgia salpa glasses twitter

This was my set at Gotham Comedy Club on Tuesday, May 28th, 2013. I joked about binge drinking, being a bad uncle and a worse father, overactive online dating profiles, women’s affinity for animals, and people who wear fake glasses.