Grand Theft Auto 5 Fails Compilation

grand theft auto v fail compilation

World Wide Interweb produced this compilation of Grand Theft Auto 5 fails that make me want to quit life and buy a PS4.

This Video Game Mashup is ‘Nintendope’

This video game music mashup takes me back to a good place no matter how much “damage” playing Nintendo, etc did to me. If I live to see 80, it’ll be a miracle.

Strippers Invade Counter Strike Gaming Tournament

Sometimes you see an idea and it just makes sense or should I say cents, as in dollars and cents, as in money, you f’n hillbilly! Sorry, it’s Monday and like Garfield, I’m fat, lazy, and into freight shipping rival cats to obscure countries. Anyway, the guys over at I Heart Chaos came across (ew) […]