.GIF Is Pronounced Like the Peanut Butter

Wow, I owe an apology to everyone I snarkily, condescendingly corrected over the past decade… I’m still using the g sound, though. F that. pleatedjeans: phazerblast: .gif is the one word I have learned the proper pronunciation of, and still refused to change. It’s a G sound not a J sound. “… but Ben, the […]

Cool Kid Ghosts Rides The Big Wheel [GIF]

Little kid in 5 second span is cooler than my whole existence. FML. (Source: http://4gifs.tumblr.com/)

Steve Weatherford Is Going To the F****** Super Bowl [GIF]

I still can’t get over his wedding ring while holding the game-winning kick. He couldn’t tear his helmet off any quicker. Underrated performance for the punter. Bet Cundiff wish he had him. mtvclutch: Steve Weatherford is going to the f**king Super Bowl! (Source: http://clutch.mtv.com/2012/01/23/steve-weatherford-f-ing-super-bowl-gif/)

Praying Mantis Gets Long Distance Tongued [GIF]

All that praying for nothing. Atheists everywhere rejoice. animalsbeingdicks: “Anyone else seeing bubble gum flying towar…HRNGGG”