7 Worst People at Work by Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch

Thomas Middleditch silicon valley hbo tv show

GQ Magazine got Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch to give a rundown on the seven worst people at work.

2 Chainz Pets a $100,000 Dog

gq bikini models expensive puppies

2 Chainz is rich. Rich rappers buy ridiculously expensive ‘ish. GQ presents Mr. Chainz with some of the most expensive items on Earth to see if Chainz will buy said items. This episode features puppies that cost $100k.

Silicon Valley’s TJ Miller Once Had People Turn Down Free Beer

TJ miller GQ first job old style beer

I’m following up yesterday’s post about Jon Hamm’s first job as a dishwasher with this post about TJ Miller’s first job as a promo guy for Old Style beer in Chicago.

Jon Hamm’s First Job Before He Was Mad Men’s Don Draper

Jon Hamm GQ April 2015 first job

To promote the April 2015 issue of GQ Jon Hamm reminisces about his first job as a dishwasher at Spiro’s in St. Louis. He basically did what any of us would do when we’re young, dumb, and full of cucumber.