Gatorade Made Me So Dehydrated During Training Camp I Needed a Catheter

Gatorade catheter

With football training camp in full swing, I’m reminded of the time I was so dehydrated during camp that I needed a catheter.

Students are Anxious About This Facial Recognition Technology in Classrooms But I Need It At All Times


A high school in China is using facial recognition technology to record facial expressions of students in classrooms and I’d love to get my hands on it for personal use.

Family Guy’s High School Yearbook Photo

collegehumor: Peter Griffin Yearbook Photo You laugh, then realize he’s dating Lois, the hottest girl in the class. (Source:

Catholic High School Football Rap Video Makes Me Say Oh My Lord

This music video comes from Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky. It features a catholic high school football team rappin’ and a rockin’ about how they win mostly because of the Big Guy Upstairs. The video is actually really well shot and the players hold their own on camera. The genre/tone is a mix of Limp Dilsnick meets […]