The (Lady) Killer Inside Of Me Loves Jessica Alba [TRAILER]

jessica alba killer inside me

This extended promo for the new film by Michael Winterbottom, “The Killer Inside Me” comes from Bloody Disgusting via FilmDrunk (my favorite movie site of all-time… OF ALL-TIME!) The film’s based on a novel by Jim Thompson and stars The Better Affleck, Jessica Albacore Tuna and everyone’s favorite New York Yankee Kate Hudson. AFLAC! plays […]

Jessica Alba Challenges You To a Staring Contest [VIDEO]

God help me if I become impotent or contract ED (is that possible?). Why would anyone spend most dough on pills to help them achieve virility when they can just watch the clip below. Say what you will about AlbaJess, but the chick isn’t even naked. Nor does she even imply or give any sort […]