Scarface Ventura: Tony Montana Faces Ace Ventura [Movie Mashup]

Scarface Tony Montana and Ace Ventura in Scarface Ventura

Tony Montana aka Scarface faces off with Ace Ventura Pet Detective in this movie mashup I called, “Scarface Ventura”.

“Method Man of Steel” Mashup Video

method man of steel mashup video

Method Man meets the Man of Steel in this super(man) mashup, the third of “The Mashup Getdown” series.

World War Z-Trip Mashup Will Make Your Teeth Chatter

world war z-trip mashup

World War Z meets DJ Z-Trip in the second installment of “The Mashup Getdown”.

‘House of Pain & Gain’ Mashup [VIDEO]

house of pain and gain mashup video

House of Pain + Pain & Gain = House of Pain & Gain. It’s no secret that I love mashups. So, it should come as no surprise that my first ‘original’ series with Dailymotion would mashup-based. The first ‘episode’ of the series was supposed to debut when the Michael Bay based-on-a-true-story action-comedy hit theaters. Yeah, […]

Seinfeld Sings Taylor Swift [MASHUP]

Seinfeld sings Taylor Swift

I’ve got a “ting” for mashups. They make me very happy. This one comes from one of Dailymotion’s Motionmakers, Joe Petty aka VKMTV Productions. As soon as I saw the video’s title, I knew this was solid internet gold. It’s so perfect because we can all see Taylor as one of Jerry’s girlfriends on the […]

This Video Game Mashup is ‘Nintendope’

This video game music mashup takes me back to a good place no matter how much “damage” playing Nintendo, etc did to me. If I live to see 80, it’ll be a miracle.

The Dark Knight Dubs The Lion King [MASH UP]

Hakuna matata? Not when Bane’s on the prowl. thedailywhat: Movie Mashup of the Day: The Dark Knight Rises and The Lion King — together at last. [wtc. (nsfw)] (Source:

Lady Gaga Pokerface Mashup: Cartman vs. Walken [VIDEO]

This soon-to-be smash hit on the interwebbicus comes from Warming Glow via Daily Dish via Buzzfeed (that’s why it’s called “viral” ad and marketing executives). It’s a mash up of Lady Gaga’s music video for “Pokerface” with Eric Cartman and Christopher Walken’s renditions. Sometimes I wish I was an editor. A real live editor. I’m […]