Sad Keanu Doesn’t Care About Bradying [PHOTO]

Apparently Sad Keanu wouldn’t share his sandwich. Tom can’t CATCH a break. Womp womp. herblondness: matt-t: Sad bros. This is making me laugh so hard. I love Tom, but I can definitely chuckle at this. (Source:

Creepy Winter Pick Up Lines Will Warm Your Soul [MEME]

I’m sure he’s a good guy. This is probably what I look like at 2am at the bar. JUST MAKE OUT WITH ME ALREADY! collegehumor: Horrible Winter Pick Up Lines [click for more gems] (Source:

Bill Gates is Dreamy [MEME]

a / s / l? pleatedjeans: dreamy bill gates. via

The Evil Girl Meme Will Make You Laugh Then Lock Your Door

hahahahahaha. You can’t get what I don’t have, kid!