Since When Is “Squirt” a Curse Word?

The Jersey Shore season finale was last Thursday. A lot of people, myself included, believe it will be the series finale. Pauly D’s got his own spin-off, Snooki and J-Woww have their own spin-off and the cast just isn’t producing anything worth watching. However, the gang of goombas saved the best for last. Or, at least, they tried to. Of all the plot points and characters arcs that stood out, the one that grabbed my attention was Deena’s sister’s ability to bleep.

Hard Times of RJ Berger is Like "Hung" For Kids!

Just saw this in my morning newsletter from Cynopsis. MTV is developing the following series… “Hard Times – a coming of age series about the world of unpopular 15-year old RJ Berger, whose major anatomical asset is revealed in front of the whole school, orbiting him to fame and new-found confidence.” How original and fresh! […]