This Ken Burns Rap Video Is Hot Fire to the Third Degree

ken burns rap video skootch comedy

This video from Skootch Comedy is an homage to documentarian and PBS pimp Ken Burns.

Binge on This Bob’s Burgers Tina Belcher Mix from Eclectic Method

bob's burgers tina belcher music video eclectic method mix

Eclectic Method belches out another banger with this Bob’s Burgers Tina Mix that’s Hot Nix, son.

This Logan-Loaded Wolverine Remix Is Adamantium-Awesome

wolverine remix mashup video hugh jackman

Eclectic Method brings the noise in this adamantium-laced mashup, the Logan-loaded tribute to the dude who will never die.

Bump The Wolf of Wall Street Chest Thump Mix by Eclectic Method

wolf of wall street chest thump mix eclectic method

DJ and music video editor Eclectic Method masterfully mixes the chest thump scene from “The Wolf of Wall Street” with infectious beats.

American Hustlers Mashup: American Hustle Meets Rappin’ Hustlers

american hustle movie

Here’s the fourth installment of the Mashup Getdown titled, “American Hustlers”. “American Hustle” mashed up with songs about hustlers, hustling, and the hustle.

Deck The Halls – A Wrecking Ball Holiday Parody (NSFW Language)

deck the halls wrecking ball parody

Deck the halls with bow-chicka-bow-wow! Keely Flaherty of Drunk Girls in Heels parodies Miley Cyrus in this parody of “Wrecking Ball” that will build your Christmas spirit.

‘House of Pain & Gain’ Mashup [VIDEO]

house of pain and gain mashup video

House of Pain + Pain & Gain = House of Pain & Gain. It’s no secret that I love mashups. So, it should come as no surprise that my first ‘original’ series with Dailymotion would mashup-based. The first ‘episode’ of the series was supposed to debut when the Michael Bay based-on-a-true-story action-comedy hit theaters. Yeah, […]

This Video Game Mashup is ‘Nintendope’

This video game music mashup takes me back to a good place no matter how much “damage” playing Nintendo, etc did to me. If I live to see 80, it’ll be a miracle.

Hopping, Hooping Hot Girls Dance To “Last Song”

two hot girls hula hoop

This music video for “Last Song” is the second from Monsieur Minimal’s new album entitled “Minimal To Maximal” and it’s got hot girls hopping and hula hooping.

Ladies Keep ‘The Box Trot’ Clean In This Music Video

This cleverly worded song and dance about lady parts contains an endless stream of double entendres. I’d be a mute without double entendres, so I can really appreciate the wordsmithing that went into this.