This Ken Burns Rap Video Is Hot Fire to the Third Degree

ken burns rap video skootch comedy

This video from Skootch Comedy is an homage to documentarian and PBS pimp Ken Burns.

2 Chainz Pets a $100,000 Dog

gq bikini models expensive puppies

2 Chainz is rich. Rich rappers buy ridiculously expensive ‘ish. GQ presents Mr. Chainz with some of the most expensive items on Earth to see if Chainz will buy said items. This episode features puppies that cost $100k.

American Hustlers Mashup: American Hustle Meets Rappin’ Hustlers

american hustle movie

Here’s the fourth installment of the Mashup Getdown titled, “American Hustlers”. “American Hustle” mashed up with songs about hustlers, hustling, and the hustle.

“Method Man of Steel” Mashup Video

method man of steel mashup video

Method Man meets the Man of Steel in this super(man) mashup, the third of “The Mashup Getdown” series.

Ladies Keep ‘The Box Trot’ Clean In This Music Video

This cleverly worded song and dance about lady parts contains an endless stream of double entendres. I’d be a mute without double entendres, so I can really appreciate the wordsmithing that went into this.