Men in Black 3 Vehicle Rips Off South Park’s “It”

What better way to rejuvenate a franchise than by ripping off South Park? funnyordie: Men in Black 3 Fail The new vehicle in MIB3 looks very familiar. (Source:

Eric Cartman In Real Life [PHOTO]

Just plottin’ and schemin’ his chubby ass off. Stay far away from that kid, especially if you’re a Jewish ginger. comedycentral: If this guy invites you over for chili, say no! [via] (Source:

Lady Gaga Pokerface Mashup: Cartman vs. Walken [VIDEO]

This soon-to-be smash hit on the interwebbicus comes from Warming Glow via Daily Dish via Buzzfeed (that’s why it’s called “viral” ad and marketing executives). It’s a mash up of Lady Gaga’s music video for “Pokerface” with Eric Cartman and Christopher Walken’s renditions. Sometimes I wish I was an editor. A real live editor. I’m […]