Odell Beckham Will Be the First Highest Paid WR to Win a Super Bowl

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham is now the NFL’s highest paid wide receiver. It’s a bittersweet moment for Giants fans but it’s about to be a historic moment.


The Eagles Have Officially Outsourced Beating the Patriots in Super Bowl 52 to The Giants

New York Giants safety Landon Collins in the NFL's Super Bowl 52 teaser video.

The NFL’s official Twitter account released a super-short teaser for Super Bowl 52 (LII?) featuring… the New York Giants.

Neal Lynch Stand-up Comedy: Marijuana Bowl, Amber Alert, Female Wizards

super bowl 2014 broncos seahawks marijuana

Here’s my full stand-up comedy set from the Metropolitan Room on Saturday, February 8th, 2014. I told jokes about the Super Bowl (aka Marijuana Bowl), the Amber Alert I received via text message, male witches, female wizards, weird moods and weird foods. Plus, my impression of a beaver.

Tom Brady’s Fabulous Super Bowl Photo Montage [PHOTOS]

I almost vomited when I saw this. At this point even he’s gotta know that’s just absurd. Un-f*cking-real. sbnation: nfloffseason: You’re two-time Super Bowl MVP. NBC’s Photo Montage Of Tom Brady Was Just Ridiculous NBC’s clearly out to make the players in this game look as demented as possible. – Deadspin Blue steel.

Steve Weatherford Is Going To the F****** Super Bowl [GIF]

I still can’t get over his wedding ring while holding the game-winning kick. He couldn’t tear his helmet off any quicker. Underrated performance for the punter. Bet Cundiff wish he had him. mtvclutch: Steve Weatherford is going to the f**king Super Bowl! (Source: