Introducing Giant Mess: A Sloppy Sports + Entertainment Talk Show Hosted by a Giants-Mets Fan

Meet Neal Lynch, a New York Giants-Mets fan from New Jersey who’s a Giant Mess. The former college quarterback & pitcher talks about his two favorite sports teams, movies, television, mishaps, and mistakes.

Sillicon Valley is Dead, Bring On the Jared Spin-Off ASAP

Silicon Valley's Donald "Jared" Dunn, played by actor Zach Woods

Ding Dong, Silicon Valley is dead. After watching the Season 5 premiere, I feel confident enough to call it. Here’s why HBO should bring on Jared’s spin-off like rn.

Workaholics: How The Greatest Bro Show Of The Past Decade Should Have Ended

workaholics blake anders adam series finale

The series finale of Workaholics has come and gone, yet still lingers on. Here’s how the greatest bro show of the past decade should’ve wrapped things up.

The Simpsons NHL Logo Mash-Ups

Where’s Ned Flanders as the NJ Devils logo?

Prep Your Vajanus For the Californication Supercut of Sexual Euphemisms

showtime californication supercut sexual euphemisms

Showtime provides us with a supercut of sexual euphemisms from “Californication” starring David Duchovny.